Establishment Name: Drumlin Trails Bike Hire  
Phone: 047 88108, 086 8273421, 087 6328396
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: McQuaid’s Filling Station, Emyvale Road, 
Town: Glaslough, Co. Monaghan

Drumlin Trails is a Bike Hire business where visitors can drop by, rent a bike for a day, a week and return it after their experience.

Drumlin Trails are now offering a variety of interesting trails on which to travel, taking in most of what is fascinating in the North of Monaghan and surrounding counties. These trails have been carefully chosen form Google maps and linked to our website. All you have to do, after booking on our website, is hit the google map link using your smartphone and you can then position your phone in our phone dock on the handlebars and cycle with 'sat-nav'.

We have increased the fleet of bikes for hire with the inclusion of 10 new top of the range ebikes. These electric bikes give you a gentle assistance to help on some of the many little drumlins in the area which leaves it more enjoyable and easier to travel further distances.

Located at McQuaid’s Fuel Station between the villages of Glaslough & Emyvale in North County Monaghan.

Open 8:30am to 9:00pm daily and we are available to be contacted outside these hours.

  • Bike Hire Prices per day
  • Regular Bike €15 per person
  • Child Seat to go on carrier of bike €5
  • Trailer to go behind bike to carry up to 2 small children €15
  • Electric Bikes €35 per person
  • Reduced prices are available for groups of 4 or more or for longer duration.
  • Electric bikes are suitable for over 16 year olds only.
  • Child seat can be used with electric bike but unfortunately the trailer is not suitable.
  • Helmets, Hi-vis vests and security lock are all included in above price.
  • Prices are per day, this would be up to 24 hours. If bike has been hired in the afternoon they do not need to be returned until the following afternoon.
  • Drop off and pick up of bikes can be arranged by appointment.